James Lazzeroni: Wind

The tempo perfectly describes that scene where the protagonist is laying in the field of  tall grass staring aimlessly watching the clouds across the sky.

Laura Sullivan: Perfect

I’m listening to the track now and the cicadas are buzzing or talking to each other in the background, with the wind caressing the trees the beginning of the track like a story taking off.

James Lazzeroni: A Good Life

All pieces are soft and gentle much like time passing at a steady even pace to me. They’re not too long and I really enjoy the short, sweetness of each piece and I’m savoring each bite like warm apple pie or chocolate cake.

Stanislav Borisov

It really feels as if I’m exploring, searching, or traveling through life of some kind.

Johannes Hirschmann

I love runs on piano, clarinet, flute, or violin etc. I love runs. They sound so romantic!