James Lazzeroni: Wind

The tempo perfectly describes that scene where the protagonist is laying in the field of  tall grass staring aimlessly watching the clouds across the sky.

Laura Sullivan: Perfect

I’m listening to the track now and the cicadas are buzzing or talking to each other in the background, with the wind caressing the trees the beginning of the track like a story taking off.

James Lazzeroni: Walking

WALKING is the newest single out by Lazzeroni and it has been very much anticipated by myself. I really enjoyed the teaser, if you will, on youtube. It came out Feb. 3 and I’m really enjoying this sweet, uplifting tune reminds me of a journey to escape your responsibilities, worries, and cares for just a…

James Lazzeroni: A Good Life

All pieces are soft and gentle much like time passing at a steady even pace to me. They’re not too long and I really enjoy the short, sweetness of each piece and I’m savoring each bite like warm apple pie or chocolate cake.

Stanislav Borisov

It really feels as if I’m exploring, searching, or traveling through life of some kind.

Philip Wesley

A great musical muse for writing and editing. His music runs and slurs are all over the place. The tempo is perfect background for instigating creativity.

Jim Brickman

He captures all that passion, emotion, and whimsical feel goodness and translates it with black and white keys.

David Garrett

It’s like he’s making love to his music with every stroke, chord, and note. It’s obvious the love he has for music pours out with each piece.

Helen Jane Long: Identity

I feel like there should be some lyrics added, and if so, what would it tell? Could it be about a lost love reunited? or closure on an past which keeps creeping into the present?