Shane Mickelson: Classical Hymns

I’ve been looking for new music to add to my playlist and found Shane Mickelson after a follower on twitter followed him. His album Classical Hymns reminds me growing up in my home church completely.  Although these traditional hymns have been rearranged, each time I hear Come Thou Fount I imagine the entire congregation singing this song….

Lena Natalia: Second Youth

This would have to be my favorite piece from Natalia as I get a new take on it each time I listen to it.

Victor Gashnikov

This song is my absolute favorite! Very classic, steam punk-y, mysterious sound which could fit in as background music for Sherlock Holmes.

David Garrett

It’s like he’s making love to his music with every stroke, chord, and note. It’s obvious the love he has for music pours out with each piece.