As I’m writing my WIP, blogging, or editing I jam out to a wide range of new age, classical crossover, and classical music. I find it inspiring and uplifting. It calms my nerves, helps organize my thoughts, and gets me back into the groove of my work.

My playlist is pretty packed. I love listening to piano pieces by composers: Jennifer Thomas, William Joseph, Lena Natalia, David Tolk, Tim Yanis, Philip Wesley, Helen Jane Long and many more. I’m still building this playlist. Most of them I discovered via Pandora before Apple Music came on the scene. I decided to separate this little collection into a blog on it’s own. I really like writing the descriptions of what I perceive in each piece by each composers.

I’m not a pianist at all. I have taken piano lesson back in the day, I can read music and pluck at the keys. When I hear these pieces by these wonderful artists, I simply write my first impression of them. I’m not here to critique them or anything. I simply love these genres of music which aids my motivation to write, edit, or revise.

If you know of any others to listen to, let me know. I love discovering new composers. I follow them on twitter and instagram. These composers help me out, calm me down, and inspire the climax of my writing. Yep, I write to the music (you saw that coming).

Amaya Sullivan