Lena Natalia: Second Youth

I’m in love with Rainstorm on this album SECOND YOUTH by Natalia. I stop and start the beginning over and over again. The trills and and flutters of the keys are gorgeous and reminds me of the Spanish letter rr.  When listening to the song Second Youth, it’s reminiscent and playful piece.

Late Apologies really matches the title well within the first minute of the song. The repetition of the melody early on sounds as if someone is really regretful of what happen almost sorrowful. This piece isn’t sad at all, and half way through there’s those higher notes of resolve and forgiveness. This would have to be my favorite piece from Natalia as I get a new take on it each time I listen to it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.26.51 PM.png

As I’m listening, can see those that double repeat at the end of the staff, Natalia takes you back to that melody  re-telling or reminding us of the story or back tracking through a journey.  The titles to each piece provide a great context, yet you can derive a different take each time you listen to the piece. The Arrival has a resolve at the end of a movie, yet when I listen again it sounds like parting of ways between two people filled with mixed emotions. A great tune to be played as background music to a romance movie.

Lena Natalia congrats to you on this album being named Best Album of the Year 2016 by Our Place Radio

Website: http://www.lenanatalia.com

Twitter Handle: @LenaNPiano



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