Stanislav Borisov

Stanislav Borisov, a new age composer and pianist, followed me via Twitter recently, and I checked out his music. His album EXPLORATIONS is currently on Apple Music. I just finished listening to Claudia’s Mood, and I love the beginning of the song. It’s got a whimsical, fun, and joyous beginning and remains true throughout the entire piece.

It’s fun and lighthearted melody make you want to stop and smell the roses in this busy adult life, you know unplug every once in a while. I love it when composers/artists/pianist put deep thought and name each piece/song coordinating with their album title. Limping Along reminds me of just time passing us by or a fleeting memory. It’s a very present song which I hear about halfway through the piece.Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 5.46.37 PM.png

Abyss has those slightly lower notes, yet it’s about 45 seconds into the song it lightens up and continues to climb up and down the staff throughout the piece. I would say this piece would be the main song to fit within the album title. It really feels as if I’m exploring, searching, or traveling through life of some kind.

While exploring life, per se, there are ups and downs, and we realize that hindsight is 20/20 (An idiom meaning looking back on the past; we see things better.). Tale of the Past is, not only a great title for this piece, the background music when looking on the past. When you look back at a memory from your past regardless happy or sad, it’s like this song captures the moment as if a director was shooting your life movie. The piece goes both ways happy to melancholy moods.

These songs are perfect as I’m editing DOA, and Borisov’s music helps me do just that. I’m loving each of these titles and have added this album to my playlist. Even though EXPLORATIONS, was released in January 2017, according to Apple Music, I’m really anxious in hearing more from Stanislav Borisov. Can’t wait for another album!


Twitter: @StanislavIB


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