David Garrett

I discovered David Garrett on Pandora a few years back, and I fell in love with his incredible talent. His latest album EXPLOSIVE is just that. It’s like he’s making love to his music with every stroke, chord, and note. It’s obvious the love he has for music pours out with each piece. My God!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.44.33 AM.pngI love all of his songs, yet this album is pack with beautiful rhythms and harmonies. Garrett collaborated with many other talented musicians, singers, and artists. The song, Serenity is my favorite off the entire album (I’m a sucker for sappy songs). There are two versions, instrumental with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, which is beautiful, and one by Nicole Scherzinger. I love her voice in this song! It compliments Garrett’s playing as if her voice and his violin were lovers.

He’s known to play covers of popular songs. On this album, you can see he’s covered Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care about Us  and Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking BallYou can tell he’s has fun playing them.

He tours a lot in Europe, and if you happen to be there, check out where he’s performing next. I need him to come to Orlando or Atlanta. One it’d be an excuse for me to go to Disney, and visit Atlanta (I’ve never been).

If you’re Writing to the Music and need something peppy with out the lyrics, check him out. No, seriously, check him out.

Website: David Garrett




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