William Joseph

I fell in love with Joseph’s Piano Fantasy, not because I’m a fantasy writer or its title, but because when you listen to the melody you are quickly taken on an adventure. It’s fast playing beat is exciting and refreshing. The rhythm rises and falls within the song similar to the plot of your favorite fantasy novel. It sounds like a great introduction to a steampunk type fantasy movie or sci-fi flick. I can see the scene, so vividly of a clock gears and such winding in the background.

Around 1:19, the pace slows and becomes a bit romantic and melancholy almost like a turning point in a character’s life. This song is a great inspirational muse while editing or writing.Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.29.14 AM.png

He’s collaborated with other artists as well. His most recent collaboration is Miserlou (feat. Tina Guo). I love the violin riffs about a minute into the song. The violin adds the
flavor to this piece. The part I love the most is exactly at 1:33. That piano break is to die for! I always scrub the song and go back and re-listen to this part. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s got a little attitude loaded with confidence like a a protagonist undergoing a
transformation or using an attack to dominate a fight.

Joseph’s Be Still album is his latest album, but it’s not available via iTunes or Apple Music, so go to his website to order. I’m thinking about buying it. He’s truly an amazing pianist.


Twitter: @williamjoseph



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